CMC Jacob’s Gingersnap

Foaled  5/17/2016

Silver bay filly  ~ cannon bone 8”


AMHA # A pending

 AMHR # pending

Sire: CMC Jesse’s Gem Lodestar

Dam: Lucky Four Suchabuck Starline

Ginger is a stunning silver bay filly sired by CMC Jesse's Gem Lodestar and out of Lucky Four Suchabuck Starline. She is AMHA/AMHR registered, foaled on May 17, 2016. Her cannon bone measured 8" but she may be tight 34". She has a head to die for, good length of neck with a nice sloping shoulder, good topline, strong hip and straight legs and also wonderful curious personality.



Ginger10.jpg Ginger20.jpg Ginger11.jpg McCoy1.jpg

Sire ~
CMC Jesse’s Gem Lodestar


Dam ~
Lucky Four Suckabuck Starline

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