CMC Apprehending Glory

Foaled  2/27/201

Black Appaloosa Filly  ~ cannon bone 7.5”

AMHA # pending

  AMHR # pending

Sire: CMC Found My Spot

Dam: CMC RG Not A Spot Forgotten

Glory is the best appaloosa filly we have ever produced. That is not a surprise as she is sired by our youngest breeding stallion, CMC Found My Spot (a son of CCMF Cash the Check and grandson of Alliance Sign On The Dotted Line) and her dam, CMC RG Not A Spot Forgotten contributes 18 generations of appaloosa genes from her sire Reh’s Repeat Gene as well as Orion from her dam. Glory has a very pretty head set on nicely sloping shoulder, she has a very long neck and knows how to use it. She has a good bite and straight legs.

$4000  (payment plan available)               

Glory14.jpg Glory13.jpg Glory20.jpg Glory27.jpg Spotty10.jpg

Sire ~ CMC Found My Spot


Dam ~ CMC Scout’s Not A Spot Forgotten