CMC Serenity’s Crown

Foaled  5/4/2015

Silver dapple Filly  ~ cannon bone 7”

AMHA # A 222913

 AMHR # 332484T

Sire: Bristol Pepito

Dam: Fallen Ash Scout’s Not Forgotten

Sera is a beautiful silver dapple, 50% Arenosa yearling filly sired by the great Bristol Pepito and out of the last daughter of L&D Scout – Fallen Ash Scout’s Not Forgotten. She measures 30” as an yearling. She has a pretty head with a long hoockey neck set on a nice sloping shoulder, straight legs, good bite and nice personality.


Sera43.jpg Sera32.jpg Sera36.jpg Bristol Pepito.jpg

SIRE: Bristol Pepito

Not Forgotten10.jpg

DAM: Fallen Ash Scout’s Not Forgotten

Sera40.jpg Sera39.jpg